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Why Use a Contract Manufacturer?

As you develop or expand your product line, you should be focusing on concept, marketing, sales, distribution, and other decision-making regarding your new products. Manufacturing should be done by experts with the experience and capability to deliver products that meet your expectations. By using a high quality private label contractor, your involvement with manufacturing can be limited to providing guidelines, furnishing artwork, and evaluating and approving product samples. Then, all you have to do is look forward to delivery of your new, superior quality products as you launch your marketing and distribution program.

If you have a product concept – no matter whether you are one person, a small company, department store chain, drug store chain, grocery store chain, or major distributor – Summit Laboratories can help make that concept a reality. Once you agree to move forward, we will begin developing samples for your approval. Meanwhile, package design can proceed on your end, or on ours. Following your final approval of product samples and artwork, and submission of a purchase order and deposit, Summit will schedule full production of your new products.

Just leave the manufacturing to us!

Why Choose Summit Laboratories?

Summit Laboratories is the perfect choice for success with your private label product line – for many key reasons.

Summit Laboratories brings you over forty years experience in manufacturing excellent hair and skin care products. Our quality assurance team will provide you with the same high quality products time after time, after time.

Our professional staff will ensure that your needs for product research and development, packaging, and quality control are fulfilled.

We offer a full range of services, from turn-key production, to the manufacturing of bulk products, or filling-only services. We can fulfill every aspect of your contract packaging needs, from product development to packaging, filling, packing, and shipping. Because all our facilities are located in Harvey, we can coordinate every step of the manufacturing of your products in an efficient and timely manner. In other words, Summit Laboratories can be the one and only source for your health and beauty aids.

Capacity and Versatility

Summit’s production facility encompasses over 150,000 square feet, providing ample room for laboratory, production, and warehouse operations. With this capacity, we offer complete versatility to our clients in terms of volume, product form, filling process, packaging, and capping needs.

We are equipped with several sizes of jacketed, stainless steel mixing kettles and holding tanks ranging from as large as 6000 gallons to as small as 500 gallons.

We have 24-head, 20-head, and 12-head MRM filling machines. We also have 6-head, 4-head, 2-head, and 1-head Elgin piston filling machines, and a 12-spout filler to fill a variety of bottles and jars.

We have machines that fill plastic tubes.

We have a Paxall Circle machine for filling pouches, including sample sizes.

We can fill any type of product: lotions, gels, liquids, and creams.

We use Resina cappers almost exclusively – one of the highest quality cappers in the industry.

We have in-line ink coding machines for use in stamping control numbers on our products.

With our silk screening facility and graphic experts, we are ready to provide you with quality packaging and design. Our silk screening facility utilizes Dubuit semi-automatic print presses. We have both heat tunnels and ultra violet tunnels for curing different types of ink.

Our automated label machines apply labels to jars, bottles, and packages cleanly and precisely.

For shrink-wrapping your products, we have Bestronic and Weld-tron shrink tunnels. This affords you such options as promoting two products at one time (for example, “buy one, get one free”).

We can seal your small cartons with our L-Sealer wrap machines.