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Following your request to initiate product development, we can provide you with product samples, usually within four to six weeks. This lead time is critical to the process of product formulation and stability. We want the samples we send you to match the samples you provide us, as closely as possible. Once the formulation is approved, production runs are scheduled with minimum quantities of 500 gallons.

Commitment to Quality
We are committed to providing quality products at reasonable, fair prices. In addition, we are committed to following your product guidelines and your SOPs, if already in place.

Because we have been in business for over forty years, you can rest assured that we will be here for you for a long time to come. Our business focus and commitment to our clients never vary. For these reasons, you will not be put in a position to have to look for a new vendor.

Standard Lead Times

Product Development
1 New formula development 8 to 10 weeks

2 Over the counter development Contingent upon assessment.
– Usually 6 to 8 weeks

3 Modification
– Color or fragrance 4 to 6 weeks
– Thicker or improved feel 4 to 6 weeks

4 Fragrance matching
– National Brand Equivalent 6 to 8 weeks
– Not National Brand Equivalent 4 to 6 weeks

Once artwork, cost quotations, and formulations are approved and signed off on, Summit Laboratories is ready to process your order. Upon receipt of your purchase order and initial payment, the general production lead times (subject to lead times for components, fragrance, and raw materials) are as follows:

1 New items 6 to 8 weeks

2 Items with existing Bill of Materials 4 to 6 weeks

3 Items stocked by Summit House brands 3 to 6 weeks

Private label 3 to 6 weeks

4 Bulk items 3 to 6 weeks

5 Products with raw materials or components furnished by client 3 to 5 weeks

Product Considerations

By providing all of the important details regarding the product(s) you want us to manufacture for you, you will assist us in meeting your expectations. Important information will include:

1. What is the intended use of the product(s)?

2. Are there any product claims you wish to make (anti-bacterial, protection from UV rays)?

3. What appearance, consistency, and color do you prefer for this product (lotion, cream, etc. Should it be clear, pearly, etc.)?

4. What particular ingredients should this product have? Comparison to an existing product is helpful. If an existing product is not available, a description such as, “leaves the skin feeling cool and tingling” would help us determine what you want.

5. Can you describe the fragrance you want for your product? Comparison to an existing product would, again, be helpful. Otherwise, a description of your preference (for example, floral, “clean”, etc.) would assist us in providing you with samples for your approval. The fragrance is extremely important because some can affect clarity and others can change colors over time.

6. Other requirements such as the following:
– Do you have a preference for vegetable-based raw materials?
– Are there any preservatives or additives that you do not want used?