Type 1 & 2 Diabetics Re-Hydrating Cleanser

Advanced Formula for Legs & Feet - With Vitamins A, E, & Aloe. Helps Promote Proper Leg & Foot Care. Finally - a Solution to dry, itching and thinning skin due to Diabetes. Conquer those nasty skin challenges that diabetics face on a daily basis. Begin your daily skin regiment today!

Aids in keeping the skin layers clean. It also lubricates the skin to help prevent itching.

This cleanser is Hypo-Allergenic, gentle on the skin, is full of nutrients, and has various skin moisturizing properties.

1 - Gently Clean, Rehydrates & Moisturize Severely Dry Legs and Feet.

2- Penetrates and Softens hard, dry and cracked areas.

3 - Can be use in Bath or Shower.

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