Nubian Silk Carrot Oil

Sheenique® Nubian Silk Carrot Oil is formulated with Beta Carotene, herbs, Vitamin E, Horsetail and Amino Acids, which help prevent shedding and breakage. This is a superior product for wraps, roller sets and blow-drying. Carrot Oil will give you the “customized care” needed to help your hair reach its maximum strength and length. Carrot Oil’s all-purpose protection will infuse hair strands, strengthening them and protecting them from the daily stress of styling, which inevitably causes breakage.

This rich, creamy product is best applied to blow-dried hair, primarily at the ends. After applying, hair should be shaped in the direction of the desired style and allowed to dry slowly. Afterwards, blow dry gently and style as desired. It can also be applied to towel dried hair, concentrating on the roots and then pressed and styled with a warm comb to silken the hair cuticle. For roller sets and wraps, Carrot Oil should be applied to damp hair before the application of setting lotion and combed through with a wide tooth comb.

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